Think: Your affiliate program fortune is in your pockets

Your affiliate program fortune is already sitting in your pockets! You just don’t know it yet. Please allow me to explain.

You have a 9-5, which, with the commute and headaches, has turned into more like an 7:30-6:30. You maybe have kids, a spouse, a dog, a car to repair, and a leaky faucet. You have yard-work, housework, homework, and work-work.

However, you understand that people are making money online. You think that you could create a s
mall fortune through affiliate programs, if only you could make it fit in your schedule. You understand some of the basic concepts of setting up a web site. You have an idea for a site focusing on something you know a lot about. You’re pretty familiar with making sure your META tags match page content, and you’ve learned about getting traffic to your site. You know that you can get traffic, because you have a unique perspective or approach to the topic of your site. You might also at some point think about selling some of your own products alongside the affiliate links you have (or would like to) set up.

So, where will you find the time to run a site, find affiliate programs, give your visitors great content to read, and begin to create your Internet fortune?

The answer is in your thinking. Your thinking has to help you realize that the fortune is not yet in your wallet. The fortune is, however, already in your pockets. I’ll say that again. The fortune is ALREADY sitting in your pockets.

How can your fortune be in your pockets? Your fortune is in the pockets of TIME you have. You have ten minutes here, and twenty minutes there. You have time while the pot is on the stove boiling water, and you have time while you’re waiting for your kids at their soccer practice.

You have pockets of time, and if you ever want to have more than just pockets of time, you must learn to use the pockets you do have more effectively, starting today.