Graphic Design Course Requirements


To pursue a career in graphic design, you need to meet certain educational and skill-based requirements. This article outlines the prerequisites for enrolling in graphic design courses, including the need for a strong foundation in art and design, the ability to conduct extensive research, and an open, imaginative mind. We alsoy differentiate between graphic design and graphic art courses and discuss the skills and subjects covered in a typical graphic design curriculum.


Educational Prerequisites

High School Diploma or Equivalent

Most graphic design programs require applicants to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Some institutions may also require specific coursework in art and design during high school.


A strong portfolio showcasing your best work is often a critical requirement. This portfolio should demonstrate your skills in various mediums and your ability to think creatively.

Basic Art and Design Knowledge

A foundational understanding of art and design principles is essential. This includes knowledge of color theory, typography, and basic drawing skills.

Skills and Attributes

Research Skills

Whether you are pursuing a basic graphic design course or aiming for a degree, you must be capable of conducting extensive research. This is particularly crucial for those aiming for a Master’s degree (MA).


Creativity and Open-mindedness

Graphic design requires a mind that is not only imaginative but also open to new ideas and concepts. The ability to think outside the box is invaluable.

Technological Proficiency

Familiarity with design software such as A