Day 180

Thoughts: The evolution of food.
If I had created ‘The Earth Diet’ before the 1st century the human beings who occupied the earth at the time would have laughed at me. Eating purely foods naturally provided by the earth is not the ‘Newest Thing’. In fact, it’s the oldest thing. Humans started out eating only what nature intended. We began to create new recipes, pastries, white bread, milk shakes, jelly beans, hot dogs, tv dinners, sugars and processed foods only after we mastered the technology to create it. The natural foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts we eat are d invented; they evolve. If you have ever wondered about the history of food, you don’t have to anymore, I did the hours of research for you! I found it fascinating to trek all the way back to BC (Before Christ) today and see how our food has evolved : (And remember I did not write history, I wrote this using all the resources available to me today)
Water, ice, salt, oysters, shellfish and fish, eggs, mushrooms, insects, rice and millet were all traced back earlier than 10,000BC.
10,000BC Agriculture begins10,000BC Bread, beer and soup10,000BC Almonds and cherries9,000BC Sheep8,000BC Wheat, apples, lentils7,000BC Pork and pistachios, beans: old world & new world, walnuts6,500BC Cattle domestication6,000BC Wine and spelt, maize and tortillas, dates and broccoli5,500BC Honey, chickpeas & lettuce5,000BC Olives and olive oil, cucumbers and squash, chilli peppers, avocados, potatoes, milk & yogurt4,000BC Yeast breads: pitta and focaccia4,000BC Grapes, watermelons, oranges 3,600BC Popcorn3,200BC Chicken domestication3,000BC Butter & palm oil, barley, peas, carrots, onions, garlic, spices3,000BC Ice cream2,900BC Figs, soybeans2,737BC Tea2,700BC Rhubarb2,500BC Duck2,000BC Pasta and noodles, radishes, carob, marshmallows & liquorice1,500BC Peanuts, chocolate (cocao bean) & vanilla, horseradish1,490BC Raisins1,200BC Sugar1,000BC Pickles, peaches, oats900BC Polenta900BC Tomatoes850BC Celery750BC Cider700BC Cinnamon600BC Cabbage500BC Italian sausages & artichokes200BC Turkeys and asparagus 55BC Devon cattle1st Century Fried chicken, French toast, flan & cheesecake, The Haggis, lobster, crab and shrimp, truffles, strawberries & raspberries, capers, turnips & kale, chestnuts3rd Century Lemons4th Century Beets and bananas5th Century Vinegar, pastries & appetizers, Anglo Saxon foods, peppercorns and gardencress, pretzels6th century Eggplant7th Century Kimchi, 9th Century Halva & goulash, coffee, cod10th Century Medieval food, Peking duck11th Century Lychees, corned beef & cider12th Century Breadfruit,13th Century Ravioli, lasagne, pancakes, waffles, couscous14th Century Scrambled eggs, guacamole, pie, Mexican limes, kebabs,15th Century Coconuts, sushi & sashimi 1475 Pork and beans1490 First stove built in Alsace, France1493 Pineapples, cows in America1495 Marmalade16th Century Salsa, quiche, puff paste, teriyaki chicken, pecans, papayas, turkeys in Europe, cashews, Japanese tempura, brandy1517 Sweet potatoes in Europe1529 Vanilla in Europe1544 Tomatoes in Europe1554 Camembert cheese1587 Brussels sprouts1590 Shakespeares food1596 English trifle, skim milk 1597 Potato salad1599 Hasty pudding17th Century Pralines & coffee cake, cream puffs & éclairs, maple syrup, modern ice cream, cranberries in America, doughnuts in America, corn bread, hoe cakes, spoonbread, cheese pie, shortbread, French onion soup, salad1604 Raspberry Jelly1610 Bagels1615 Coffee in Europe 1650 Rum1653 Pumpkin pie and lemonade1686 Croissants1690 Rice in South Caroline1691 Lemon meringue pie 18th Century Crab cakes, English muffins & chowder, sticky buns, Dutch Cuisine, coffee in America, root beer, French fries & ketchup1708 Casseroles1740 Pound cakes & cupcakes1747 Mashed potatoes1750 Grapefruit1775 Dried apples1756 Mayonnaise & tartar sauce1762 Sandwhiches1764 Bakers chocolate1765 The first restaurant (paris)1767 Soda water1769 Tofu in America1781 Tomatoes in America1784 Lollipops1786 Deviled eggs1787 Toad-in-a-hole19th Century Wedding cake, shepherds pie and pickled peppers, canapés & hamburgers, Sally Lunn, Victorian Era, hotdogs, The history of the calorie began in the mid-nineteenth century.1807 Ice cream cones1811 Corn syrup1817 Toffee and butterscotch1820 Lady fingers1824 Steak sauce1825 First metal cans for canned food1828 Macadamia nuts1830 Softdrinks in America1835 Worcestershire sauce1847 Chinese food in America, vanilla extract, peanut brittle1848 Pesto, commercial chewing gum1849 Sourdough bread, Cadbury chocolate 1850 Modern marshmellows1855 Boston cream pie1856 Condensed milk1857 Australian James Harrison developed the world first practical ice making machine and refrigeration system,1859 Baking powder1860 Fish and chips, ice tea, can opener1861 Beef stoganoff1863 Breakfast cereal, fruit salad1867 Synthetic baby food1868 Tabasco sauce1869 Waffle iron 1870 Margarine, California raisins, Neapolitan ice cream1872 Philadelphia cream cheese1876 Heinz Ketchup 1877 Campbells soup1879 Nestle Chocolate , Lindt Chocolate 1880 Passion fruit, French dressing, meat loaf, vending machines for post cards in London1883 Christmas pudding1885 Milk shakes and Dr pepper, evaporated milk1886 Coca Cola, pecan pie1888 First vending machines in USA, New York city selling tutti-fruity gum, 1889 Pizza1890 Ice cream sundaes, lipton tea1891 Cafeteria Kansas City1893 Cracker jacks, fudge1894 Hershey bars, eggs Benedict, chi