An Experimental Meditation using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Approaches


Sit quietly. Imagine yourself at some point in the future having acquired the spiritual wisdom and experience that you currently seek. Picture yourself as having all the qualities of compassion and wisdom and allow that image to fill the sky.

As you attend to that image, of your future self benignly and compassionately aware of your self now, allow the image to take on the qualities of translucence like a rainbow, so you can see the sky through the image of the guru self.

Holding the image in mind, allow yourself to feel the presence of a superbly compassionate and wise being, and in your mind, address the guru self with the following words “Help me, inspire me to reach forward to my goals of spiritual development. Teach me to progress as the I that is you have progressed and to realise the true nature of
my being”.

Now, whichever is easier, allow the guru self to fill your being from within, or allow yourself to expand and merge with the image of the guru self. Become aware of the transparency of self as you grow and simply rest, still, within the mind of the guru self.

In your mind, say now “Fill me now with the love and de